How to Enter
Follow these steps to enter the Cooler Master 2012 Case Mod Competition:
  1. Register for an account here and on the CM Forum.
  2. Once you have registered, a member from the Cooler Master team will contact you directly by email.
  3. Each modder is required to share his/her own mod progress in the CM Forum under “2012 Mod Competition”. Please start a new thread even if you have posted information regarding your mod before.
  4. Before you begin, you must take (1) or more pictures of all the components you will be using and post in your thread (please make sure all components are recognizable, this is for us to verify that you meet the requirements).
  5. Post images and comments of your mod progress on the thread you created in Step 4.
    5 (a) For those who are entering with a completed or ‘on progress’ mod:
    • You must be able to provide a full worklog with images and comments (from start to finish of your modding work) on the CM Forum.
    • Your mod must NOT have started earlier than January 2012.
    • Your mod was NEVER entered into any Cooler Master’s contest prior to this.
  6. When you have fully completed your mod, submit your entry to your contact before the submission deadline (Dec 7th, 2012). The following will be required during your mod entry submission:
    • Your mod entry title
    • Simple description/concept of your mod entry
    • 5 or more pictures of your final mod entry (preferably 800 x 600 pixels in .jpg file format).
  7. Anyone who does not agree to this contest’s terms & conditions or entry that did not satisfy ALL the rules stated on this page will be automatically disqualified.
Categories & Winning
There will be 3 categories for Cooler Master 2012 Case Mod Competition:

Tower Mod (Full, Mid, M-ATX or M-ITX)
  • 1st Place x 1
  • 2nd Place x 2
  • 3rd Place x 3
Scratch Build
  • 1st Place x 1
  • 2nd Place x 2
  • 3rd Place x 3
Cooler Mod
  • 1st Place x 1
  • 2nd Place x 1

Winners are selected based on:

30%: Public votes
70%: Ratings from Cooler Master appointed judges and based on the following criteria:
  • Complexity of Mod
  • Design
  • Overall Look
  • Innovativeness
For the “Tower Mod” category, you can use any chassis (full, mid, M-ATX or M-ITX) made by Cooler Master.

For the “Scratch Build” category:
  • The case you use could be built from any material you like
  • If you choose to use a prefabricated case, please use the following guide lines:
    • No display of any manufactures logo.
    • Final product must not be recognizable compared to its original design.
    • At least (1) Cooler Master retail product must be included in the mod
For the “Cooler Mod” category, you can use any Cooler Master cooler.
Special Instructions
If you are entering the contest as a group:
  • You must keep only one worklog on the CM Forum.
  • Please use one CM Forum Account Screen name throughout the entire contest to avoid confusion.
  • All prize packages are the same regardless of individual or group entry.
If you plan to do self promotion of your mod:
  • Absolutely no benefits can be involved for either you or any voter.
  • Your promotion cannot be too extensive to a point that it bothers/annoys other CM Forum members or our Facebook fans.
If you plan to use sponsored components for your mod:
  • All modding work must be done by you, not the sponsors.
  • You cannot do any advertising for the sponsors or any product in your worklog
    (i.e. posting links to online ecommerce sites for the product).
If you have any question, please contact