Tower Mods of the Year 2012

Owner : paultan

This is the very 1st non-theme design PC from paultan. Everything is made with complete freedom or we can call it Free-Style Modding. The Stryker was modded from standard atx to 90 degrees motherboard. It showcase clean and no visible wires at the back of the motherboard tray. No compromise and nothing to hide.

Worklog :

Total scores : 91.04
(CM Judge: 61.04 + Public Vote: 30.00)

ATCS 840 PoLoMoD

Owner : PoLoMoD

Worklog :

Total scores : 90.68
(CM Judge: 63.68 + Public Vote: 27.00)

Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK

Owner : Kier

One of the first mods with the new Coolermaster Cosmos II. Wanted to make a clean black and white build without seeing too much cables and tubes. Almost everything is watercooled and used some solid tubes to connect the different blocks.

Worklog :

Total scores : 89.03
(CM Judge: 65.03 + Public Vote: 24.00)


Owner : tantric

Inspired by one of the main characters in the latest Transformers live action franchise "Tranformers Dark of the Moon".
Case: Cooler Master Stacker 830 Nvidia Edition.

Worklog :

Total scores : 86.71
(CM Judge: 58.21 + Public Vote: 28.50)

CM Test Bench V2

Owner : Ace_finland

After deciding to enter this competition I started looking for a case. After looking at a lot of cases I stumbled across the Cooler Master Test Bench V1.0 and knew instantly that this was the case I wanted to modify due to it being a bit different than normal cases. The idea was to have a stylish test bench with great cooling capabilities. I started with designing it in 3D to get a better idea what it would look like and the first renderings were pretty basic, but after a few months and a lot of different shapes I stuck with one. It's a dual loop water cooling system, one for the GPU's and one for the CPU and motherboard. In order to keep I! t as sleek as possible the two pumps and the two 240 radiators are hidden away inside the case while the rest of the gear is on top of the case. To make it stand out a bit more than the ordinary test benches I added acrylic strips with leds between the original case and the homemade parts with a fan controller to adjust the brightness of the leds. To keep the factory looking finish of the case it was painted with a fine textured matte black. All in all it has been a very satisfying project and a great learning experience working with a lot of different materials. Check out the build log for more pictures.

Worklog :

Total scores : 86.05
(CM Judge: 60.55 + Public Vote: 25.50)

Ducati Trooper

Owner : raiden73

I really love ducati bike that's why I did this mod.
mod the motherboard and Corsair Airfow Pro put some Carbon Fiber stickers. mod the Corsair H100 replace the stock tubing with transparent tubing with red coolant. repaint the CM Trooper Case Ducati Red Paint. made a acrylic psu cover and acrylic HDD tray cover covered it with leather seat cover with red stitch. put some led lights inside red and white leds. sleeved the front panel wires.

Worklog :

Total scores : 85.8
(CM Judge: 58.80 + Public Vote: 27.00)

Scratch Mods of the Year 2012
Opprezzor: Annihilation Squad

Owner : masbuskado

This project is one of the three projects that conform the Annihilation Squad, this is so far the most ambitious one of the saga. This is an original design not like 1 & 3 that are made from the same original design. This project was exclusively build for the Cooler Master Competition 2012. It is cooled by the CM GeminII M4 and Powered by the CM Silent Pro 850. The futuristic is part of the storyline that masbuskado created in 2009 when he start making the SAGA: Opprezzors vs HOTG (Hands of the Gods). More about this project can be found in the first build log published on the forum.

Worklog :

Total scores : 93.11
(CM Judge: 64.61 + Public Vote: 28.50)



Nowadays, the performance of a high-end computer is absolutely amazing; however, the heat produced is also awful. Even if you have a very nice air cooling system, the dissipated heat would still raise the indoor ambient temperature. Scarcity of land and very hot weather during summer in Hong Kong are the most critical constraints to this chassis design. In order to eliminate the mentioned contraints, this chassis design would not take up a large volume for making best use of the local space, while the excess heat could be emitted to outdoor for achieving a good computer cooling performance.

Worklog :

Total scores : 90.00
(CM Judge: 63.00 + Public Vote: 27.00)


Owner : kharr

Through the years. I have always wanted a test bench yet do not like to buy one, coz wanted it to have more of a like customize personal touch. But the problem is what should it look like?
Then this competition came up so I am forced to think right away so I could start on working, but still no idea is coming in my mind, then one morning after taking a bath and looking myself at the mirror, noticed that I haven't trimmed my hair for weeks, so I grab onto my razor and starts trimming, then it hit me, why don't I make something like this, not a razor but something like the grills on the shaver itself. Until now I don't know if it is still a good idea, it might look funny, but what the heck as long as I get to build myself a test bench and I'm good to go=).

Worklog :

Total scores : 88.07
(CM Judge: 58.07 + Public Vote: 30.00)

The Black Sphere V2

Owner : Scynd

The idea of this Cascon is, to be different. There are so many Cubes and stuff like this outside. So I dicided to biuld a Case with a form, never seen bevor.

The main parts are two 30cm PMMA semi spheres with the Hardware inside. For its unique design, I took 20 smaller semi spheres with 50mm fans and stick it on the outside.I build LED modules with three green and orange LED´s and placed it on the back of the fans. I build the whole lightcontrol by myself with an Arduino Uno Board, including a selfmade fan controller on the PCB.

I build the socket, to place the PSU and a slimline DVD drive there. I have extended all Connections of the Mainboard to the back of the socket, to get easy access.

Bevor painting with black color, I stick a model with thin tape on the speres. After removing the tape, I become this Tron like look.
The whole Case is handmade. No milling machine or stuff like that. It take about 800 hours of work.

Worklog :

Total scores : 88.01
(CM Judge: 62.51 + Public Vote: 25.50)


Owner : Soul-i-Doll

I made this case stylized assault drop pod from Warhammer 40000 universe.

Worklog :

Total scores : 86.34
(CM Judge: 62.34 + Public Vote: 24.00)

The Next Level

Owner : Paslis

Its a watercooled metal/wood desk with elecric lifting columns so you can sit a it and stand at it.

Worklog :

Total scores : 85.60
(CM Judge: 61.60 + Public Vote: 24.0)

Cooler Mods of the Year 2012
Abstract Cooler

Owner : AnG3L

This mod is based on the V6GT Cpu Cooler by Coolermaster. Its a scratch build made out of aluminum and acrylic and its theme is based on the "abstract art".

Worklog :

Total scores : 90.21
(CM Judge: 61.71 + Public Vote: 28.50)


Owner : CDO

This is my mod, based on my taste in horror movies, is inspiration itself and was conducted in a cooler N620.

Worklog :

Total scores : 90.10
(CM Judge: 60.10 + Public Vote: 30.00)